March 24, 2023

Cuba 2023

Tis the season for travel once again and I find myself on a plane to Cuba via Miami on March 23rd.. Landing in Santiago we will begin an 8 day journey into some of the oldest colonial cities in the country.  The land was inhabited centuries ago by the Taino people who were basically wiped out by the Spanish who settled the island. Where are the remnants of this society? Supposedly there are caves with drawings – what artifacts have been discovered? The revolution also took hold in this area in the Sierra Maestra mountains outside Santiago. Can you picture Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in these mountains – pictures of them from the times really show them as guerrilla warriors.  Must re-read the history part of this in the book.

Arrived in Santiago after spending an unconscionable time the Miami Airport! Well worth it. Santiago is clean, tranquil, and quite beautiful.  Wide streets, many of them closed to traffic, make walking around easy and interesting. Took time to walk the city before dinner and had great light for photographing, It was a day to try new things, or t least try to see things from a different perspective.  As always a great dinner and I slept soundly!