December 13, 2022

Cuba – Again the Adventure

It felt like coming home when I was greeted by Jorjito at the airport in Havana. So nice to see a familiar face and then reconnect with Jennifer Spelman and Carlos Otero. As it was a bright, clear day I set off on what became a 2+ mile walk.

Before venturing out I settled into my very comfortable room, which is in a bed and breakfast like establishment one block from the Malecon and in the area of Vedado. I have a bedroom and a sitting room and the building is like a big old house.

My walk took me along the Malecon down to the famous Hotel Nacional. Managed a few pics using my new Z9 – will have to really put it to use this trip and experiment with it.

On the way back to my accommodations a police car pulled over the side of the road and the policewoman waved me over. Very bizarre happening. They asked for my passport and called the number in to someone….who knows? I was about 2 blocks from the American Embassy. Still don’t know what it was about but at least I wasn’t dragged off somewhere! Always an adventure when traveling in Cuba!

After 2 days of lugging the backpack and camera around through airports I decided to see if I could find a massage therapist – Sandra at the hostel called someone for me and I had a terrific massage which was the perfect end to the afternoon! Glenda was wonderful! Here’s the best part – it was only $50 – and I gave her $60, still less than half what I would have paid at home as she probably worked on me for 75 minutes! I met up with the rest of the folks on this journey for dinner and an overview from Jennifer about the week ahead.

We leave tomorrow morning for Trinidad and I am anxious to get out in the country again.