December 20, 2022


The last stop on our way back to Havana was to see the Zunzuncito – the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world and only found in Cuba. The tiny winged creatures are mesmerizing! They are fed by an old man who maintains a sanctuary for them in his back yard.  They were zooming everywhere and often one would stop and helicopter hover right in front of my face before darting off in a flash. With so many of them around I was finally able to get some good hummingbird pictures – ones I could never seem to get in my own yard! The tiny island natives offered a sweet diversion for sure.

We continued on to Havana keeping an eye on the fuel tank. No gas stations on the way were open because there was no gas.  Carlos knew the road through the suburbs back into the city had many gas stations so we left the main highway and crossed our fingers as our low fuel light had been on for quite awhile. We passed at least 6 stations with no gas until at last there was a station with only two or three cars in line so we were able to wait and fill up.  Jorjito continued on to the hostal in Havana and after dropping off our colleagues sat in line for 2 hours before getting gas.