May 11, 2023

Knoydart and Laroch Mor

Took a lovely walk through the gardens of Laroch Mor where there were rhododendrons in bloom everywhere. It was very peaceful in the woods and along the path.  After lunch headed on the small ferry to Knoydart.  This is a remote and barren peninsula accessible only on foot or by boat. The closest road in is about 16 miles so you walk, bike or find a horse to get there on land! It was another key area for the Lords of the Isles but there is little record of recorded history. It lies on the northern edge of what is known as the Rough Bounds. Knoydart is beautiful, desolate and remote and can clearly get the romantic juices flowing. A deeper dive into its history tells another story which will have to be noted in the book.  For 700 years Knoydat was firmly linked to the Macruari, Clanranald of Glengarry branches of Somerled’s family. The history is complex and I will have to unravel it for the book as it is an essential part of the story.  Walking through Knoydart was a most wonderful way to spend an afternoon, especially since we were blessed with perfect spring weather. The old graveyard had a most unusual cross and a fount. For the whole day walked 6.9 miles, the most for any single day this trip.