January 29, 2024

Improvising Travel

When you are traveling with a specific purpose, in our case following in the footsteps of the Lords of the Isles, you have to get creative about your schedule and method of transportation.  Sometimes public transport will not get you to the precise spot you need to photograph.  Such is the case with going to Eigg and to Kildonnan where the second Lord of the Isles was installed.  So it stands to reason that I need to visit Kildonnan – plus there is much of interest to see on Eigg and hiring a charter boat and a private guide will make the day more efficient.  So, we will embark on the charter boat provided by Minch Adventures in Mallaig. This will provide opportunity to not only photograph on the island at the historic site but also from the water, a perspective currently lacking our portfolio for the project.  Staying flexible is the key to successful travel. Do not expect everything to go exactly as planned and simply have a Plan B in place or be about to make decisions on a moment’s notice. That is part of the fun and adventure of travel, especially when you are designing your trip yourself. Just relax, take things in stride, and enjoy the journey.